How to Improve Your Audio for Skype Lessons

Everyone likes Skype lessons. They are convenient for both the teacher and the student. Unfortunately, your computer’s microphones are not the best for music lessons. There are, however, some ways to help make your audio significantly better so that Skype music lessons will be more enjoyable for you.

  • Create a Free Skype Profile and make sure you meet the Internet Requirements
  • Send Us Your Skype Username when Booking your session/class
  • Set Up Your Skype Audio/Video Settings before your class – an external microphone is recommended for best audio                                  (see our page for optimizing audio)
  • Log Into Your Skype account and be ready for your session
  • The easiest solution by far is to get a USB microphone. This allows you to simply plug in the microphone and use it with Skype. Audio Technica and Blue Microphones make USB microphones for around $100. To set up your USB mic, all you have to do is change the Audio Input in your computer. For a Mac, go to System Preferences, then click on Audio, go to Audio Input and click on your USB Microphone. For a PC, click on the Windows tab, select Hardware and Sound, go to Sound and select Manage Audio Devices, click Recording and select your USB microphone.
  • Another option is to use a field recorder, which is also relatively easy. All you need is your field recorder and an 1/8th inch connection. Simply connect your field recorder’s line out to your computer’s input (it will have a little microphone symbol on it). If you have a computer or a field recorder that doesn’t have this feature you will need an interface unfortunately.
  • The best but most costly solution is to connect a microphone to your computer through an interface. Companies like Focusrite, M-Audio and Steinberg make basic interfaces that cost around $100-$150. Skype will only let you use 1 input so if you want to use multiple microphones you have to get a little creative and connect your interface to your computer, launch any drivers or software connected to your computer and open Skype.
  • If you have a Scarlett Focusrite or a similar interface with a Mix Controlling software follow these steps to use your interface with Skype.    ) Choose a new Mix Tab to use in Mono, such as Mix 3. (This is just the output you are using.) 2.) In Mix 3, make sure Input 1 is muted and turned down, or just fully removed from the Mix. (If you fail to do this you will have a very annoying feedback loop that will make what you play impossible to hear.) 3.) Do not use Input 1 on your interface, instead, use Inputs 2 and onward for the Microphone Inputs. (Basically you can use every microphone input but the first one, so if you have a 4 input interface you can only use 3 microphones.) 4.) Then in the bottom routing area route the mix to an output. 5.) Plug a TRS 1/4″ cable from the output back to input 1. 6.)Raise the gain to get a strong signal but avoid clipping (Your interface will turn red if this happens. Simply turn down the gain.) 7.)Finally, set Skype’s audio input to your Interface.

Congratulations, you have now significantly improved your audio for Skype lessons!

If you don’t have an interface with mix controlling software but you want to use more than one microphone, don’t worry! All you need is your interface, your microphones and a mixer!

  • Plug in all of your Microphones into the Mixer.
  • Connect your Mixer to your interface. To do this you will need a cable with either two ¼ inches on one side and one ¼ inch on the other or two RCAs on one side and one ¼ inch on the other, or one ¼ inch cable.
  • Connect your cables to the main outputs on your mixer and plug them into your interfaces’ first input.
  • Set your computers audio input to your interface and also set Skype’s audio input to your interface.


Congratulations, you have now successfully connected your interface to Skype.

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