Specialty Classes and Specialized Training
All Genres, All Ages & All Skill Levels. $60 per hour

Specialty classes are available in Drum Set, Marching Percussion, Timpani, Concert Percussion and General Competition Preparation. If there is a special technique you would like to learn, backbaydrumming is the place to do it. Modern and Vintage Drum Set Techniques including Matched & Traditional Grip, Moeller Technique, the Push-Pull method, Heel Toe Bass Drum Playing, Syncopated Double Bass, Modulations, & Polyrhythms are a few of the specialized classes that are offered. You can also brush up on your Chart Reading & Interpretation or learn Recording & Setting up Microphones for optimal audio sounds. Please contact Ben at backbaydrumming
(903) 279-6800 for more information and group pricing discounts.

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